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Soodri Empowers Team Unity Through Retreat Experience
Updated: 2023-09-08
In a bid to foster passion and unity among its team members, Soodri recently organized an exceptional team-building retreat at the enchanting Xiannv Mountain Forest Park in Chongqing. The five-day event aimed to enhance team cohesion, boost collaborative skills, and create a relaxed and enjoyable platform for all employees to connect.
Soodri spared no effort in crafting a diverse range of activities throughout the retreat, including indoor and outdoor team-building exercises, internal training sessions, and sightseeing tours. During the indoor and outdoor team-building projects, all employees enthusiastically participated in activities such as "Breaking the Ice and Setting Sail," "Around the World," and "Becoming Archaeologists." These initiatives brought team members closer together, fostering a stronger sense of unity. The retreat allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of the significance of teamwork, and it reinforced the value and contributions of each individual within the team.

Within the internal training sessions, company leaders and key staff members provided comprehensive training on various aspects, including the company's development history, employee motivation policies, vehicle management procedures, business processes, and financial knowledge. They engaged employees with vivid explanations and real-life examples, delivering captivating training sessions for all.
Soodri's initiative to host this team-building retreat not only demonstrates the company's care and support for its employees but also offers a platform for self-expression, friendship-building, and mutual growth. Looking ahead, Soodri is committed to continuing these activities to further cultivate a united and highly efficient team.
This event underscores Soodri's commitment to nurturing a dynamic and closely-knit workforce, setting a shining example of corporate engagement and dedication to its employees' well-being.